i dont think before eating cheese curls but i probably should


they changed the cheese curls bag recently i think. it really doesnt matter but i know some really popular twitter account i probably blocked is gonna be really mad. oh fuck they got rid of the brand gopher?? shiiiiiiit

well i mean

i dont care but it is worse and alarmingly phallic. maybe every person in the cheese curl focus groups was just coincidentally the same kind of weird or the designers were taking inspiration from the wrong places because if youve ever seen a high resolution image of a cheese curl youd be hard pressed to find a reason youd willingly put that shit in your body.

fucking gross

if i had a bigger platform and was less funny youd probably catch me telling people to draw dicks on every bag they can as a form of "rebellion" against a hazardous cheese puff product but i cant think of anything at the moment that sounds more obnoxious than doing exactly that. the reality is that herrs hq should just be blown. the worst kind of blown. to smithereens order up