what the fuck is up with modded minecraft


dedotate your wam

while twitter was bitching and moaning about their 3 shitty mobs to vote for in their childrens block game, me and my homie astoria have been on a 1.12.2 grind with an obnoxious amount of mods. and yeah. it rules. it might be a complete wreck, but it rules. unlike most modpacks youll find made with tender love and care, i kind of just crammed a ton of cool looking shit together into a conglomeration of convoluted bullshit i dont even understand because i dont care as long as the game works. some people are all about wasting time fucking with configs, probably blissfully unaware of the fact that actually finding those exploits is one of the most fun things you can do, and theres an insane amount of things to do here. astoria is all about the tech shit and since theyre the one who hosts and plays the most besides me, i include pipe trash they wanted and in turn they build headache inducing factories while also sort of teaching me how it works. 9/10 times it goes totally over my head, but i have this wacky ass storage system with this stupid huge chest that uses chips or whatever. theres so much meat to chew on that we havent even gotten around to trying out most of the content i keep forgetting i actually added. like this thing called botania i barely get. i can give you a tour later. it really sucks. youre gonna love it