cinema redefined


yesterday was halloween so i watched this. i turned it off after 45 minutes since it was straight ass but im going to talk about it anyway

shit. just by looking at this things cover youre already qualified to talk about it. consider yourself a leprechaun-in-the-hoodologist just now by taking a single glance. no false advertising here. theres a leprechaun. theres the hood. the leprechaun is in the hood. thats all you need to know. so what does the leprechaun even do? thats what the people want to know. i dont really know i was also kind of on my phone the whole time.

a lot of rhyming and killing people and smoking weed. its sort of funny the first time but they clearly didnt think very hard about anything past the title of this movie because thats basically all he does. the rhymes kind of suck too. it takes some serious tenacity to write anything along the lines of "Look at all these glittering goods - I've got more loot than Tiger Woods!" i guess it makes sense but fuck dude this just sucks. the movie probably wouldve been slightly funnier if the leprechaun had no idea what the fuck was going on in "the hood" since hes not in 8th century ireland but yeah no im not gonna start listing off ways that a movie called leprechaun in the hood couldve been a more enjoyable cinematic experience. actually no i take that back. the fact that the rapping lucky charmer completely knows whats up and doesnt care is actually sort of awesome. apparently the leprechaun raps at the end? god i bet i really missed out.

it really is just nothing. a big pot of nothing at the end of the rainbow. pretty sure a lot of movies like this only ever come out because they didnt exist before. what if there was a goofy leprechaun and it killed people. nobodys done that? ok were gonna do that. i guess it is sort of beautiful though that a room of losers will just sit around a table throwing shit at a wall and unanimously agree to make a piece of drivel because they can. was this really someones passion project. leprechaun in the hood. i dont know how they managed to make 8 of these things so theyre clearly at least a little profitable but lets be real how many saint patricks day movies does america really have to chew on in the first place. maybe its concept was just too genius for its own good

i wish there was some kind of guy who remembered it so i dont have to. that would make talking about these movies a lot easier