joe biden called a dude fat and i think everyone forgot how funny it was


out of every executive flounder ive seen over the past 20 years, none have really hit me as hard as the time joe biden, the 47th president of the united states of america, called some fat guy fat. if the bidenator just said to a guy "hey, youre fat" i wouldnt think about it so much, but theres a lot more to this than you might realize. remember how the title of this post puts the word fat in quotes? yeah that was important. theres this video from 2019 where joe is talking to this angry guy about how hes a liar or something? ok who cares. then he calls the dude fat. like. he calls him fat. joe biden calls a dude fat as if its his name. like his name is fat. he says "look, fat, look, heres the deal." holy shit. probably one of the smartest plays ive ever seen and it feels like nobody remembers. people use adjectives like ugly all the time as names to taunt people in movies and stuff but referring to somebody as fat is kind of next level if you think about it. is he slowly trying to change the common americans vernacular with subtle rare wordplay? is he just insane? not making any decisions here but maybe this dude is smarter than you might think. nobody can know for sure who are you really