god, war is so badass

mgs impressions

beat chrono trigger a few days ago. it took a while since i was juggling maybe 20 other completely trivial tasks in my life and i also just dont play video games that often, but i figured the next game i should cross off my monolithic backlog would be metal gear. despite how much i was fucking with chrono i still couldnt help but feel like akira toriyama didnt understand that being some unambiguously homosexual military dude with a deep voice who carries around guns and kills people is fundamentally cooler than being some mute pepsi-goku looking kid who frolics through time with a tin can and amphibious freak quoting the divine comedy by his side all day. hideo kojima gets this, so metal gear solid was there to cure my woes. put all your pixel shit for babies in the dumpster, because were playing with polygons now, son.

its a little weird jumping from a snes game to a playstation game in 2024 since this is essentially the same upgrade so many kids went through in the 90s, so i was probably way more impressed with the admittedly still good cinematography than anyone else booting this shit up in the same decade the ps5 sold 50 million units. id bring up the sales of the switch but im like 70% sure the ps1 is still more powerful than that pile of shit.

im not exactly the biggest fan of needing to be stealthy in games, probably a result of epicly relatable hiding my ds under my pillow related trauma or all of the needing to sneak upstairs to get something to eat when i wasnt allowed to. i had hiding spots and everything. like you think im joking here but no the shit snake does hit way too close to home and i was fuckin 7. wait what was i saying. oh yeah the video game is pretty fun or whatever

i didnt get super far in, just up to the part where you rescue that darpa chief dude. as for other first impressions i have i think its lame as fuck that youre not actually required to remember all the specific radio signals to get in touch with the ragtag group of operators telling you to do shit over the phone, and im dead serious

im not one of those kojima guys and i hope i never turn into one but if i do you can site this blog post as the beginning of the end

also gonna note. most of these updates are gonna be hella short. ive got shit to do i cant be sitting down at my miserable github station every time i play a game for a few minutes

do you think he calls video games hideo games. he probably does. he probably does and he would never even tell you