10/18/23a - we are so fucking in business

mark this day in the history books, for today sludgexp.neocities.org has finally somewhat sort of left its early alpha stage. its still pretty boring and there isnt much to actually look at, but the blog is here and that probably means that were in. motherfucking. business. were in so much business that bezos little bald nuts are quaking at the speed of light just thinking of how successful this website is gonna be, and im nowhere even close to done with loading it with certifiably cool shit. now the biggest website-related course of action is to actually start balming it up with content. more blog posts. shitty art. vertical slices of any shitty games i might be working on. photography. image edits. music. certifiably honest reviews. finishing up the live luke chat. recipes. tell your friends

jesus christ hes cool